Why do many arcade racers or sim equipment lack a clutch and/or reverse gear?

My brother learned how to drive standard shift through arcade race machines, even though, they did not even have a clutch. :confused:

Also, I have yet to see sim hardware that has a reverse gear on its shifter. Why tax us of realism?

I sort of learnecd how to drive manual through these machines as well.

What's the deal?
Not to be rude or anything but I think you need to look again. Logitech G25 and G27 is the most commonly used wheels on the market afaik, both with reverse. Furthermore the two next most common manufacturers of sim racing wheels (Fanatec and Thrustmaster) both have shifters with reverse.
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Mohammed might be looking for one that has a separate slot for the reverse gear, not sure though. He might not understand that that the shifters engage reverse by pressing down and into a slot to get to it.
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Only the logitechs work like that though, both the Fanatec and the Thrustmaster TH8RS has a separate gate in the H pattern for reverse. Come to think of it I have so far not seen a single H gate shifter that didn't have reverse. Most entry level wheels has either paddle shifters or a sequential stick (or both) though, so you won't find a separate reverse there.
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What shifter do you have Jim? I haven't personally tested anything but the G27 shifter, but I've read and watched a LOT of reviews and impressions and the general consensus is that the Thrustmaster TH8RS is by far the best shifter for the price. I'm gonna get one myself in time but will prob get the Fanatec CSR shifter set first.
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