Which to buy


Fran Maier

Guys, I'm new to RD, but I've been playing rFactor for a year on a casual basis. I'd like to purchase one of the Simbin titles, but I can't figure out which. Race On is the latest, but seems less positively reviewed than GTR Evolution. For a first purchase, which Simbin title would be the best choice -- and why? TIA.

Steve Elson

Jul 21, 2008
Get race on as this will include all the Evo content and more including the formula masters...

Fran Maier

From what I've read, Race On does not include Evo. But it sounds like that's the title to go with. Thanks!
Feb 17, 2008
MadMonk get Race ON Full and GTR evo as Addon then you will have the complete deal race on full contains Race07, STCC and Race on contend and GTR evo as Add on will add the missing GT cars and the WTCC Xtreme cars + the gratest track of the world the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 3 versions (Tourist Layout, GP layout and the VLN Layout)