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Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Vence Alfred, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Vence Alfred

    I've been enjoying GTL OFFLINE now for 2 weeks. I switch the server once. Never see a lobby. I understand that GMT -7 is a difficult time zone. But here, as with GTR2, not so much with Race 07, I can't join a lobby due to mods. There are a plethora of mod sources within a multitude of sites. From the "...bierbudes" to NAGP. I like RaceDepartment but am wondering what I need to do to find myself getting into a lobby. I doubt there's a common bulk "update" amongst the various sites. Is it that you download and chose a "faction". Can you download multiple "autoupdate" type files to race on various servers. Too many to handpick individual track, car, skin, etc. files. Somebody do me a solid and enlighten me on a best or advisable route to take. Or is the PDT timezone a wasteland for me racing online until the weekend. I get a bit with Race07. But I got off from work early today. Home around 0:00GMT and GTL and GTR2 were practically empty.
    Catch is my vid card has 64mb dedicated and sharing about 1500MB. Dual i3 @ 3.3, 4 gig RAM. No aftermarket card I know is a hamper. GTR2 and GTL run smooth. R07 FPS is doable. Feedback is much appreciated.