Where is the promised Rift DK2 support?


All the gear, no idea...
I would say knowing reiza's track record, if dk2 support was promised it'll be coming and patience will be your saviour. ;)

Will Mazeo

They have gone silent these days because they were doing some travels and meeting with the full team (they posted on Facebook it was the first time they were all together in many years) so I guess we'll have to wait them come back.
Hi Fabio
Thx for the answer. But there was a promised suport of the DK2 if the crowfunding hit the 100.000 $ Goal. If you say in a few months it is to late for that. Bacause the CV (Customers Version) and the VR Steam ar planed to relase 2015/16. And thats is in a few months. So the question is, will be the DK2 Support like the shedule plan says from the crowdfunding?

The News 30.Juni 2015 from inside simracing:

Reiza Studios has not only hit their crowd funding goal of $78,000 but have smashed it by raising over $100,000 for Game Stock Car Extreme (GSCE). Brazilian Carnival may be in February but I think it just happened again at Reiza Studios!

The statistics of the Indigogo campaign to this point – more on that later – are $100,425 raised by 1,582 people, for an average of $63.47 pledged per person, a pretty solid average for add-on content.

And speaking of the content, what does the successful campaign translate into? The successful campaign means we’ll receive:

  • SuperV8
  • Lancer Cup
  • Lancer Evo Rallycross
  • Montreal Modern
  • Velo Cittá (Brazillian track)
  • Foz dirt track
  • Formula V10
  • Supertrucks and Supertruck layouts
  • Copa Montana (V8 Ute’s)
  • Renault Fluence and Honda Civic (Marcas series already in game)
  • New Formula 3 Brasil models
  • Extra layouts of existing tracks
  • Modern Interlagos updated to 2015 spec
  • Bonus car and track to be voted on by backers
  • Support for long distance races
  • Automatic steering ratio adjustment + increased maximum inputs from 3 to 6
  • New UI & HUD system
  • Drivetrain physics development to demand more realistic gear-shifting
  • VR support (including Rift DK2)
  • Tire damage and dirt pickup
  • Dynamic track conditions (rubber build up on the racing line & marbles offline based on vehicle interaction)
  • Custom offline championship tool
  • Art pass + additional shader development to boost graphics
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Dave R

Patience is key here. With a small team, Reiza cannot be expected to have all the things in the crowdfunding done and ready to go already. They made the promise of giving us the new content and features over the next few months, not as soon as the crowdfunding ended.
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