where has Gtr, legends ect gone from steam



Can any one tell me whats going on with gtr 2 ,legends ect want to buy it them but has disapeared of steam site can anyone tell me whats happened ??

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I'm not sure they were ever there. Unless they were recent back catalogue editions. Certainly I dont believe GTL has ever been there.

Amazon is usually the best place to look for copies on disk. I picked up my GTL there noice and cheap.


they where availble on steam last week

gtr ,gtr 2, gtr legends all where availble on steam last week seprate and in pack now gone !
The keys are legal so far as I know.
The games GTR2 and GTL were on the DVD in the magazin "Computer-Bild Spiele". And they offered you to get a key to play also online.
I don't know if you need to buy the magazine though to get the key.

Never saw or heard GTR2 or GTL are on Steam though. Think the games are also not really supported by Simbin anymore.
For example the official lobby for GTL is down and so on (you still are able to play online with the altbierbude lobby).

I bought both games this winter by Ebay.
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