Where are my best lap times?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Vascu Dalmao, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Vascu Dalmao

    Vascu Dalmao

    All my best lap times were deleted in my Assetto Corsa profile. I got a copy of Assetto Corsa Documents folder and I restored it but didn't work out.
    The game had reset it for all or just is my problem?
  2. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    World Champ Procrastination n' Hoarding Series Premium

    Isn't it great that Live For Speed has an online portal for everything related to your lap times "lfsworld.net" since, oh 2006, some 10 years ago.

    What a time to be alive. In many aspects today's games are going backwards
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  3. Majuh


    I believe there was a bug in the new update that caused the profile settings to be deleted for some users.
  4. Hal Burns

    Hal Burns

    Me too....Devs are looking at it...go to AC forum and upload your log files. Luckily my laptimes are nothing to lose sleep over, but its nice to compare. career progress gone, too.
    You might get it back with "Previous Versions" or Restore Point if you have that set up.
  5. Tberg


    I've never even looked at my saved laptimes in AC. I hate the UI layout and zoom-functions, it's the worst lookup table I´ve ever seen. Using the ingame plugin for RSR livetiming is much better, it will tell you if you improved your laptime while on track too. Problem is RSR team wipes the board after a few too many updates, but it doesn´t matter as usually it means something in AC has changed too, so likely car balance will be different. It´s also fun to see if you´re doing any good compared to obtainable laptimes.

    LFS was great, but we´re not going backwards ;)
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