Wheel settings (Fanatec GT3RS)


Hey guys i'm curious to know what kind of settings, in game and wheel settings you guys are running.

I generally like to have a lot of feeling/feedback from my wheel. but most of the time i feel like the game is maybe throwing out too much feedback and clouding whats actually going on.
I developed this strange setting after I was fed up with how slow in response GT3 was. So this setting is maybe crazy and not for everyone, but allows me to eliminate to some degree what I don't like on GT3. Until I buy better wheel that is.

Note that my wheel firmware is 756 and driver version 144 so it can feel different on different version.

Wheel drivers: 900deg and 33% damping. Still experimenting with it because I used to use 20% damping in car setup menu and 100% in drivers, but we don't have that option anymore.

In AC: gain 100%, filter 0%, minimum force 11%, kerb effects 20%, road effects 0%, slip effects 0%, gamma 1, filter 0, speed sensitivity 0, brake gamma 1 for clubsport pedals.

Wheel menu: sen 900, ff 100, sho 100 (doesn't matter), dri 5, abs off, lin 0, dea 0, spr 4, dpr 0.

I use different FFB values for each car in car setup menu with the help of Force Feedback Clipping meter app. My usual test with a new car is at Magione and it works more or less for every track. So for example I use 119% for BMW Z4 GT3, 141% for 458 Italia and 115% for MP4-12C. These are quite high values I know, but after last two updates I had to go higher with my FFB settings up to 20% or so and watch FFB clip meter closely. It has also something to do with that high DRI value I use.

This setup has some drawback though. Wheel oscillates when you leave it on its own when driving. But I don't mind, got used to it. I can live with it until next upgrade.
I forgot to mention one important thing. My orange cover is taken off and I have one 92mm fan blowing air at the motor so it stays cool.

Anyway, I've just driven AC and noticed that the more cars I try, the more I feel something is not right with late AC FFB. FFB clipping meter recommends so high values it's weird and AC doesn't show clipping. It didn't use to be like that before 1.2.


Hmm, i never thought about taking the cover of my wheel. mine doesn't really get hot though unless i'm on it for a long time
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