Whats your most recent "Argh! what was he thinking???" public server experience?

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
well... F3000. Valencia - new PB popped me 8th on the grid of a field on 18. Lights out and away we go... except for 4th place man - who sat with his foot on the brake it seems. with P6 car blocking my view till the last minute stopping from 50mph was not an option and swerving just not enough room. big pile up....

but... it gets better.

end of lap 1 and sitting in 17th, 18th place on my tail and attached to 16th place gearbox thought bravest was going to win first corner. we go three wide. 16th goes to pits, so i've only the guy to my left to worry about. at t1 we're side by side then as i brake - whammo! no idea what had happened till replay.

turns out 16th place went into pits, but kept his foot down. exiting at pits at full tilt into me.

replay shows of the 4 laps he drove for he done this 3 times. Makes you wish full flag rules and damage was turned on!

hows everyone else getting on out there on publics?

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
Most times, they're better than not.
It's still very true that you can find all kinds of childplay almost anytime but there are many good racers and races out there too. I drive public every day that I also do an off line practice or RD session other than race. The "training" at Nordschleife is always fun!

I can't sit here and come up with any stories about racing public but I know I should have some. They are not the experiences I want to remember.

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
Most times, they're better than not.
It's still very true that you can find all kinds of childplay almost anytime but there are many good racers and races out there too.

I rarely have problems on public servers. About 95% of the time, it's a good racing. I've come across a few wreckers, but not very often.

There are some people who like to exaggerate how bad the public servers are. There's some guy at No Grip who posts a new horror story every week. Makes it seem like there's nothing but wreckers on every single server.

Truth is, he just hates SimBin and uses that as an excuse to say they don't do enough to prevent wreckers. He just doesn't understand programming or online gaming ;)

Public servers are not too bad. No horror stories here.

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
50/50 with me in public servers.


I have some amazing battles, mostly with my friend Stuart, where there has been about 0.5 of a second bewteen us the whole race and not one touch of contact. Other times there is a clean and fast 5 or 6 man battle for the lead where no-one bumps to pass. Ive had some excellent public server races, just finding them is the problem!


Well being wrecked from pole, being wrecked by a lapped car, being wrecked by somebody going the wrong way, being bump off in your qually lap etc. etc.

Basically for me public servers are hit and miss, but when they hit they are very good!
Nov 6, 2009
I almost always witness 1st cnr pile ups/bingles, and naturally you have no choice but to back off and try and avoid the carnage and you guessed it, the tards behind me are pedal to the metal and rear end me.

I also constantly see tards return to the track and go from one side to the other, if they simply entered the nearest side of the track, well then I could go around, but when they cross the entire track, an accident is most likely.

Most people act like they're gonna score a date with Jennifer Hawkins if they overtake someone, but the truth is, they're just impulsive fools who have no respect for other drivers and clearly don't know how to overtake.....it's not easy to overtake a car that's only marginally slower, but that won't stop these dheads.

That said, these problems mainly occur with the appalling WTCC cars, the F3000 drivers are usually better and more cautious, and even the guys who drive a wayward Muscle car usually have more sense.

85-90% of the time, retards ruin it on public servers.
Apr 17, 2009
Public servers are a lot better than what some people make them out to be. Sure, starting midfield is always a worry as you head into turn 1 but that happens in real racing aswell. If you can get a clean start and get away with the top 3 or 4 people your safe. I have started to see alot of regular fast guys on the Public Servers and they all race fairly.

Neil Tennant

Apr 20, 2007
last public server i was on there was about 6cars all stuck together blocking the melco hairpin


Eric Nelson

Jan 14, 2009
Public servers. You are taking your time and putting it at risk.

Sad public racing stories are like poker players "bad beat" stories, Unless its your first day, you soon realize its part of the scenery..............

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
btw - this isn't me bashing public servers - had many a good race on them too. just wanted to tease out the funny stories a little. been racing on line for a couple of years now, plenty of time online gaming with others (battlefield / tfc etc..) and know theres always someone out there getting their fun by spoiling others. :)

can just picture your face when approaching melco and seeing a six car road block neil! :)

Dave Flower

Nov 21, 2008
Don't mind that there's sometimes wreckers in the publics, like Keith, I have had some great fun and fantastic races in publics, equally I have had the frustration of having a great race spoiled.

Wanted to post my first reaction to seeing this thread - The ones that upset me most are not the "Arghhh! What was he thinking!!"

Its the ARGHHHH! What the hell was I thinking!!!! - you know, those crazy moves, or over zealous attempts to go too fast through a bend, the ones where a slpit second after you commit to it, you KNOW its exactly what you shouldn't have done because it was NEVER going to work - and you just don't know why you ever thought it would!!!!

Hope its not just me that has these moments!!

Eric Nelson

Jan 14, 2009
NO Dave your not alone!:laugh2:

There exists a "brotherhood of redmist giants" :car:who have all been part of that secret society whose motto and pledge is simple.:vampire:

"WTF was I thinking when I shrank the traction circle to absolute ZERO!?":puke:

Nice to meet another brother!:heh:

Craig Hume

Mar 4, 2008
Had a guy blow his motor in the formula master @ monza yesterday. And he decided to keep his car in the middle of the track. That was until i came down the start finish line and smacked him at 250 km/h. It surprising how little one can see with all the black smoke blocking the track.
Anyway, 30 seconds latter he was still free wheeling down the straight with the black smoke following him (and one tyre less)