whats with the cockpit views?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Leon Blake, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Leon Blake

    Leon Blake

    hi guys, I've started a career mode ( i no i should be well into at least the next season by now but i've had 2 playstations replaced by sony and that doesnt go without mentioning the amount corrupt files i've had) with sauber and i'm progessing quite well, well until i got to catalunya where i finished 12th (not too bad considering i've heard so much about how mental the AI on this particular track.) Im now at monaco and (well behold apparently at monaco the AI is as mental as at catalunya.) Anyway more to the point i noticed that my reputation points where quite high and so i thought to my self, if i continue at this current progression, by the end of the season i should be getting offers from some big teams. So, i decided to have a look at where i would lay my hat if 1 of the top 5 teams looked my way. I went to a quick race mode and selected the mclaren then the ferrari then the redbull and then the mercedes and noticed that the cockpit views for those teams where awful (well the mclaren is'nt as bad as the ferrari, redbull and mercedes) so i seleted a view i knew quite well which was the sauber (I wanted to see if maybe the view might change because i was no longer in career mode.) But the sauber view was exactly the same in career mode as in quick race mode. So my question is, is there some sort of setting that can change the cockpit view.If anybody knows how to edit or change the view could they let me no i would appritiate it immensely. By the way my version is on the ps3
  2. Aarqiel


    I find the Mercedes is incredibly hard to see out of, and if you use the braking line it's almost completely obscured. I haven't had any issue with other cars though, although all I've driven extensively is the Toro Rosso. I do agree the Sauber has a much better view than most though.
  3. Gareth Jones

    Gareth Jones

    I've just finished a season with Ferrari doing cockpit view for the first time. I found it decent enough to see apexes and the like. The weird thing is that the side padding thing looks far too forward for my liking, or it might be a case of the driver view being too far back.

    I also found the Mercedes is probably the worst view, pretty much the whole track is not viewable.
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    Sorry to break the news to you but you can't modify anything on the console versions of the game.
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I find the Mercedes and Ferrari to be the worst views... just cannot drive them at all. I feel as though I need to sit up to look over the nose, especially of the Mercedes!!
  6. DikiDino


    I think no 1 will agree that the Mercedes cockpit view is really screwed. Basically can't see anything in cockpit view. :(

    Well, i have to endure 1 for at least 1 season to get a achievement.

    Its a shame. I like the Mercedes GP team. But the view just turn me off.
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