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Whats the best gig you ever went to?

Mike Hill

Jan 26, 2009
Seems like we have a fair few people into their tunes on this site, so I thought I would pose the question -

What is the best gig you ever went to?

we want to know the "Who", "Where" and "When" along with why the gig rocked so much! I'll start!

WHO - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
WHERE - Wembley Arena
WHEN - 1995

and the important bit - WHY?

Well, I was way too young to have ever seen the original Led Zeppelin, but this was the first time that they had got together properly for some gigs (following the release of the album Walking into Clarksdale). Me and a mate bought tickets for the first of 3 nights that they were playing. we arranged to travel up to London for the weekend, with the plan of doing the gig on the first night, then going to Ronnie Scotts on night 2, before travelling back on day 3

We got to the gig, and were in the standing section right at the front of the stage. The support band were "Transglobal Underground" - who were a real big surprise and very good. All Morrocan/North African beats and tunes, with a really acrobatic African drumming group joining in - great stuff that really set the mood.

Next up, the main eventThe gig was awesome, Jimmy was on top form, and "Percy" was hitting all the notes. They belted out a couple of tunes from the new album, l then went seriously into the Zeppelin classics. I thought the night could not get any better. How wrong I was!

The gig ended far too soon, and me and my mate were trying to find the tube station to get back to the hotel @ Lancaster Gate. Walking down the side of the arena, one of the security guards came up and hit me square in the chest! before I realised what he had done he said "go down to the door at the back there, right at the end of the building - you'll have some fun!"

Confused, I looked down to where he had hit me. The guy had stuck a sticker on my coat saying "After Event"! Kinda stunned, I thanked the man, and said that I was with my mate, who promptly got given a sticker too!

We wondered down to the door as instructed, and went inside. There was a massive bar on the left hand side of the room, with something like 100/150 people milling about the room - it was very dark.

We made our way to the bar. I ordered a couple of drinks, and while I was waiting, my mate whispered in my ear "look to your right, your stood next to Tommi Iommi!" It was then that we realised that there were loads of guests there from loads of the bands that we loved!

Taking a bit of time to calm down after the excitement, we got some more drinks. It was probably about 30 mins or so that we had been there when a spotlight lit up on 2 chairs in the middle of the room. Intrigued, we looked over to find that Jimmy and "Percy" had sat down and were all miked up. They proceded to belt out another acoustic set for about another hour or so, taking requests etc. It was totally unbelieveable!

We finally got out of the event at 4am, having missed the last tube trains, we had to walk to Lancaster gate (which was a problem as we didnt know which way it was). We got to the hotel about 4 hrs later. At this point we decided to get tickets for the second night and forget completely about Ronnie Scotts!

Now, over to you lot!
Aug 26, 2008
WHO - Me
WHERE - Reclaim the streets Birmingham
WHEN - 1997

WHY? Being a DJ in a street party riot infront of 10,000 + people :D

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