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Ondrej Kapal

just an idea, if is possible to do more-section What's new system. I mean, here are a lot of different threads and If I am watching only couple of them, I don't need to know whats new in other 100 threads I mean some kind of filter. For example:
Filter for Racing club section, Motorsport and Race 07 and Chit Chat... and other topics will me invisible for me in "What's New?" After night I have more then 100 new posts
just an idea...

Bram Hengeveld

It's a good idea but unfortunately not possible (yet).

What you can do is subscribe to threads and you get automatically updated for the threads you are interested in. Each forum has a RSS icon (orange) and a subscription icon (green).

You could also use a RSS reader and only receive updates of the forums you are interested in.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
there is a way to do it by providing forum ids as arguments to the 'new posts' URL, unfortunately I can't remember how, nor can I find the post relating to it. I think they are burried somewhere in the merged Tachnology thread, which is enormous. My google skills have failed me on that one.
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