What would you like to see the comming weeks/months in netkar pro racing club

Guys the topic already says it, but what would you like to see in the next few weeks/months here in netkar??
If you guys have a favorite track,car race format.. put it down and we can do something with it:)

Thanks guys:)
yeah im planning to do some more races with the f target car and laguna seca sounds good to me:) i think we can do that one soon:)

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I think you missed the point slightly DCJunior :)

I think they are looking for suggestions for the racing club not the game.
Thanks Dave, :)

Dave is right DCjunior the max competitors online are 15 and its up to netkar pro to adjust that. We as racedepartment have no influence in that.
This topic is mainly what you would like to see in the racing club etc.

Hope to see you online in a event soon:)
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