What would you do?

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
Brands Hatch, coming into stirling bend you see about 1 sec ahead two cars having a ding dong. They collect each other on the exit of the corner, the inside car a Leon drifts to the grass on the left, the car on the outside the BMW M3 goes right, avoiding the gravel but rushes along the grass. The BMW is 2 car lengths a head of the Leon. Both cars are pointing the right way now attempting to regain traction and get back on the tarmac. You are now on top of the incident what do you do?

1 - keep foot in a drive thru the middle?

2 - ease off and let one/both back on?

3 - other?

I kept my foot in... BMW front left gripped and spun him 90 degrees I moved as far left as possible but this was only gonna end one way. I jumped on anchors and ended up t-boning the BMW. I got dogs abuse hurled at me by the BMW driver and just want to check if I was the only one that would have tried to nail it.

(i wonder if the BMW driver was Schumey pulling one of his famous stunts??? ;) )

I've got this on replay so will cut a video up if you want to see it in real time (and super slow mo - thanks to Ramon and Gareth!!)
Jun 30, 2007
I would lift the throttle, whilst making the pass. Untill you are sure they have/not have grip, so you know where they are going, then I go full throttle again. Sometimes you might end up winning "only" one position, but that is still better then getting involved in the accident. ;)
And sometimes, those people have lost concentration and have their tyres much more worn, so they make many mistakes, and it should be possible to overtake them anyway.

Andy Marsden

From what I can tell you weren't at fault, you tried to make a legitimate pass and one of the two drivers involved in the 'ruckus' either tried full throttle on the grass (pretty dumb in a RWD car) or didnt look to see if it was safe for him to rejoin the racing line.

Personally I would of held back until they were both on track then passed (once safe to do so) while they were recovering speed.


Simon Trendell

Feb 19, 2008
I would of held back until I knew they had control or stopped. But in cases of this it is all personal preference, in a pack of cars I'd probably of done the same as you & took the chance

Vincent Kan

Apr 1, 2008
In my opinion the BMW driver has no case at all. They made mistakes going off the track. On top of that the BMW driver also made mistake by jumping on the throttle too quickly and spin. The BMW is suppose to yield to on coming traffic and rejoin in a safe way. If I were you I probably would have done that same thing and take a chance if you are fighting for position with them.

Ross Balfour

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Feb 25, 2008
It depends if it was an FD event I would of slowen down (Then again crashes dont happen in FD events :p) But If it was any other race I would of done what you did. Yes a video would be good. Nice thread idea

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
a wee vid with basically zero editing done online at http://www.skipys.co.uk/race07/what_would_you_do.wmv

after looking back and back and back again i could have waited 1/2 a second longer to see the BMW spin then drive where he had just been. I suppose having been taken out in the first corner had put a bit of a red mist down so maybe a cooler head would have been better. You do see in the third clip the BMW driver not lifting on the grass - i guess he was annoyed a bit too.

Peter Duivelaar

Apr 10, 2008
I would have waited to see how the Bmw would return on track.
Would only have taken about 0.5 seconds.
But ofcourse it was not a good action from the bmw, to hit the gas while being on grass.

William Yunck

Feb 19, 2008
Yes it is possible that bmw boy thought you are the one who hit him both times, but I have seen this before - someone entering or spun in the middle of the track and they get angry because someone hits them. Well I would have done what you did, it isn't your fault he spun, and in that situation you should have the right of way given to you by whom ever is trying to get back on the track. :ambulance:
Feb 19, 2007
well after seeing the video i think you did the right thing.....the bmw should have watched how to come back on track properly

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Nice video.
Obviously the basic fault lies with the Seat driver. From that point it is unfortunate for you and the BMW, but you can't be blamed for then hitting him. In hindsight, you would have achieved a better result by backing off and waiting a bit, but you didn't know he was going to spin in front of you. The BMW guy had no right to abuse you, but was no doubt upset at the previous hit. I also suspect he may have thought you were the one who hit him first and reacted badly.
Another reason why people need to calm down and view the replay first.

Attila Domján

Dec 26, 2006
Yep, after looking at a video, just a touch of lift off teh accelerater while passing the BMW would have been healthy just to be cautious if he is going to fock up the re-enter to the track, but it is mainly after incident wiseness from me now, i would have done the same what you did, making a go between them.
Aug 17, 2007
I personally wouldnt of expected the guy in the bmw to spin, I would of thought he would be feathering the throttle to get a nice smooth rejoin on the track.

In that situation I probably would of had the same thing happen to me the bmw didnt give much of an indication that it was going to spin. on Hingsight feathering the throttle for 1/2 sec would of let him spin infront of you but then again you could of done that then he spun a bit later and the same result happened.