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What is a average lap time at Interlargos in the Formula Ultimate

Hi :)
Have you tried to download any setup from the list?
I think a time of 1'07, 1'08 is quite accessible for people with sim experience. Everything is practice.
You can search me on youtube to see a lap of 1'05.
It depends a lot on what you consider acceptable/realistic driving. The guys that get the very top times are pushing the "limits of the matrix". Most of the time is made up with the brakes. If you break very very late, and learn to manage the lockups then over a single lap your times could be this low.

That said, "Interlagos" is a very exceptional circuit, most of the corners are intensely technical with changing radius and elevation combined to make an extreme challenge. If your car is sliding in the corners you are loosing time. It is a circuit where you cant think about what you are doing... you need to get into that zone where you "just do it". In this place you will be surprised at how much time you can take.

It may take some time, but you will be rewarded by mastering Interlagos. Study a few on board videos to get a good idea how to manage this great track.
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I just checked and I have a personal best of a 1:09.3 and have a bit under 200 laps on the track. For reference I consider myself completely average or maybe a bit below average depending on the track. I also consider myself poor when it comes to qualifying pace or on-demand pushing for ultimate lap time. My PBs for race sessions often end up within 3-5 tenths of my qualifying or overall PB times.