What am I missing?


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Apr 19, 2015
I'm trying so hard to love this game but it's not happening.

Loved previous Simbin stuff but for some reason I log into RaceRoom saying to myself that today will be the day when it clicks. I've virtually all the content and have now put in enough hours (50) to know that I should have worked it out by now.

It still never happens. I get this feeling of inconsistency that I can't nail down. It's as if I do exactly the same things at the same times, as I do in other games, yet the outcome seems to be random as to how it takes me to stop, what level of grip there is, the steering doesn't feel as if it's connected, now it does. Because there absolutely zero way of telling if it's to do with my inputs, car state or track conditions as there's no way to monitor it, I just feel that something isn't right. feels like there's a whole bunch of tactile/visual/feeling stimulus that's missing, because my experience tells me I'm pretty constant yet the game reacts either correctly, great, or dulled somehow, really frustrating.

Here's an example - forced ABS on a GT3 race, because there's no locking up, I have no idea how hard I'm pushing in the pedal, therefore I can't tell if I'm anywhere near the threshold and able to trail or feather.

In AC, for instance, there's the App system that you can personalise and set up how you receive info and shape your understanding of the environment, and how the car is doing it's stuff - nothing in this.

Had a look at one of the mods for widgets but it caused such bad stuttering that it wasn't an option.

What am I missing?


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Sep 28, 2009
What am I missing?
Probably nothing, to be perfectly honest. Different people like different things, fact of life. What works for you wont work for someone else, and vice versa. For example, I love R3E and yet have feelings similar to yours when driving in AC. Perhaps the issue is that we've become used to one way of doing things, and now subconsciously want/need all our sims to feel the same, which they never will.

Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
I prefer the FFB in AC over R3E by a solid margin but what keeps R3E on my hard drive is the offline racing experience - which is second to none, IMO. If I'm in the mood for a quick 15 lap race, R3E is like a dream come true. It's a racers dream buffet - Formula US at Mid Ohio, X-17 at Spa, GTR3 at Suzuka, anything you're in the mood for. Great (adaptive!) AI that really feels like they are racing you and little (if any) time futzing around with settings. Fire it up and race, I love it.
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May 21, 2010
FFB is far more important than I ever believed possible, generally the Sims I'm using, RR, AMS, rF2, ACC & AC have reasonable FFB, with some allowing for more UI adjustment than others, which imho is imperative for getting the personal feeling one requires. Of course there is the editing of ini files and the like, which I also do if the UI is lacking but I passed Sims by for years because I couldn't get the FFB to feel how I needed it to. Google's your friend here or trawling the appropriate forum, if that's your thing. The importance of trying every option possible is so worth it, I have a very solid feel which is common to all the Sims I have mentioned that I use, of course some do it better but they all constantly improve, so keep trying regularly. There really are some great Sims out there, with some serious talent. This includes all those modders that just get better and better.
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