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Whales Coast

Tracks Whales Coast 1.10

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rmi_wood submitted a new resource:

Whales Coast - A 4.7km fantasy circuit along the North Welsh coast.

Whales Coast v1.0

A 4.7km fantasy circuit set along the North Welsh coast.

Perfect for vintage or contemporary vehicles hot-lapping alone, battling against the AI or online running with your friends.

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View attachment 440561
- 24 pit/start + AI
- CSP, LightsFX, GrassFX, VAO

AC conversion - @RMi_wood
GrassFX, normals texturing & road detail -...

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When referring to Wales as a country, it is not spelled with an "H."
I am VERY AWARE OF THIS. The track's original title is "Whales". You can clearly see elsewhere I refereed properly as "Wales" in the description AND location both here and in the UI.
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