Weird "issue" with t300 gte wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by fer01, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. fer01


    Bought a t300 gte wheel by October last year. No problems so far until now but the weird belt noise it develops after using it for one month or so which was also gone by the month after. The wheel seems to be perfectly functional and no issue seems apparent since first day regardless those weird noises it first develop for then dissapear little after.

    However, I've recently noticed something that bugs me when I once decided to stop and see if the wheel perfectly 1:1 matches the virtual one. This happens to me on both assetto corsa and project cars. I don't play any other racing game, so that's why I have to put those two ahead as the example; but since it happens the same on both, the games can't be the problem, that if there's one.

    Imagine that I know what I'm doing with the basics, so let's scape the "have you calibrated the wheel in game properly_centered the wheel properly on TM control panel (max turn left/ max turn right /center the wheel )press mode-scroll-right shift paddle) etc etc have you done this that etc.

    The story is. Regardless the rotation, either 900º or 1080º. While the car is standing by. The physical/virtual wheel center values seems correct without turning the wheel. I begin turning 360º to the right, and when hitting this 360º value, both wheels values still match perfect 1:1. Keep turning the wheel to the right to its maximum extent, and almost before the end the virtual wheel seems a tiny tiny bit off synch compared to the physical, as well as reaching the soft lock like another tiny tiny bit before the physcial does. NOW. I return the wheel to the center. If I turn the wheel TO THE LEFT (sorry for caps but here is actually the thing that bugs me), when I'm reaching the first 360º to the left (as if it was again centered), the virtual wheel seems to be a little bit off to the left (as If I had turned the wheel a tiny tiny bit extra to the left. I mean, the virtual wheel seems to have turned to the left a tiny bit more).

    I've tried everything. Everything is properly set, calibrated etc, so:

    a) First. Is this something normal that happens to you all and I didn't know about this?. Please make sure to check it.

    b) If you guys don't have such "problem" ( I believe my wheel has, for now). Then what's happening? Why when I go for to the left a little bit only, the virtual wheel seems a tiny bit off?

    Ok that's it. I've tried to explain it the best I can. Advice needed guys please. I need to know whether this is something normal, or my wheel may not have been as properly functional as I used to think. Are some of the physical degrees of the wheel off to one side or something like that, if such thing is even possible?

    Thanks in advance
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