Weird Flashes while driving RACE


Peter Meijer


I just bought RACE and installed it right away.
But when i came online there were weird flashes and things.

I made a screenshot.

It's not every second, but quite oft. It's very anoying because when i'm driving a perfect lap the next thing i see is my car in a tyrewall....
Does anyone know what causes this problem??

Greetz Pure :(


Looks like a rendering problem

I would advise installing the latest drivers for your vid. card.

Peter Meijer

No, i think it was a problem from the server. Because i just raced another server and in that server i didn't have the problem. :twisted: I hope it stays like this :)

Yoeri Gijsen

Dec 31, 2006
I had this in anothe rgame sometimes: IT's usually solved by minimizing the game window and then open it again.

Peter Meijer

No, yesterday, i had to much lag and defragmentate my computer. The game had to search all files again. And i had the same problem again. After 10 minutes it was gone... I don't know why, but i think the game has to get used to the tracks, cars, views, driving online and things like that. I only got that screen while driving with the view back of my car. But a tip: (i did this too) Take the view from the back of your car, and rotate with your numpad 4, 6, 2 ,8 and 7. After that the problem was gone :).

Greetz Pure..

Sven De Nys

Dec 29, 2006
yeah the games needs to render the wholme track at once, or store it in the RAM. That way the game gets the track fasterand no framedrops occur. The 2-4-6-8 method is nicely found. That way the game renders every "angle" of the track.
Jun 9, 2011
This problem is very common when you're graphics card is overheating or you're running out of memory . You might want to look into you're temperatures and see memory usage.. there are some useful tools on the internet that can help you monitor these things.
Also update drivers from manufacturer's web page.

My advice is to clean you're graphics card cooler of dust and replace the thermal conductive grease that is between you're graphics card chipset and cooler heatsink. I'm 99% sure it's not a server problem.
If you s till get it then you might wanna try to lower graphics, or set the draw distance to near (less data to render).