Weird behaviour CSW v2.5

Miguel Batista

Jun 2, 2011
Hey guys. Recently got a CSW v2.5 and I notice this strange behaviour that whenever I hit full lock on the right hand side, wheel starts to vibrate slightly. Nothing happpens when I hit full lock on the left. smooth as silk.

EDIT: when it hits lock on the right. I have SENS set automatically and whenever I hit a soft lock it does the same. Tried all settings only thing that seems to reduce this is setting drift mode to 5 but it just reduces it. It doesn't remove it entirely.

This happens in and out of game.

Anyone have any idea why?


Addicted to cars
Jun 6, 2018
I'm curious to see if anyone has fixed this issue. I have the same thing left and right. Tried pretty much everything in the past year, but I couldn't fix it.


Oct 7, 2016
Do you mean the hard lock or the soft lock?
How is it if you reduce the sens manually to say 180° and then hit the soft lock at 90° to each side: Same behavior?

The hard lock at about 890° in total is a mechanical thing. In the shaft you have a screw that turns with the wheel and hits a hard stop at the ends.
But the mechanical stops are somehow different...

One feels like hitting metal on metal, simply like a lock should feel while the other end seems to be a bit squishy like a rubber stop and isn't really nice, I agree!

I wonder how often you hit these mechanical ends though? Truck simulator parking lot?

If you can live with the bouncy soft lock you could put the sens to 850° and lose a bit of range.