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Weather changes

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rocco Uder, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Rocco Uder

    Rocco Uder

    Hey guys,

    i drove some races in the meantime (even though im still a noob), but one thing i noticed is that the weather is always dry and doesnt change during a race event. There seem to be no weather changes at all, no moving cluds etc. I thought GTR Evo simulates random weather?
  2. Simon Trendell

    Simon Trendell

    It does have changeable weather, I've seen it in a race the track started dry, then it rained and the track had wet patches then it slowly dried. It was great to watch, no too great in a BMW.
  3. Alan Mains

    Alan Mains

    rear wheel drive will be slippy in the bmw.
  4. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    If the server you drive on has the weather settings on changeable it can change during sessions and races.
    Agree that most of the servers run just dry weather unfortunately. But it does change i can tell out of experience, sometimes for hot and dry to monsoon rain :D
  5. Hansje van Hees

    Hansje van Hees

    Not noticed yet, give it a try.

    One thing is for sure, even changeable gives a nice loss of FPS.

    Tried MACUA, with dry or changeable, difference of around 25FPS and it was not even raining :D

    Bram can you PM me your settings, graphic settings and so on...like to know, 260GTX ...THANKS my friend :p

  6. Chris Noble

    Chris Noble

    Well I too have yet to experience "Changable" weather!

    Had 5 x 1 hour mini races with "Chanagable" weather and so far it rained constantly in 1 race for the whole hour and rained in the qualifying session.

    the other 4 races were bone dry in all sessions.
  7. Mikkow


    I've seen the weather change from event to event (practice to qualifying, to race, etc). Moreover, the ground is usually still a bit wet even if it stopped raining before a race. I don't remember if it actually dried up or not, but I noticed seeing the dark raincloud sky clear up whilst driving.
  8. Mika Pyhäjärvi

    Mika Pyhäjärvi

    Cool! Have seen that option but not tried. Sound like fun so I must turn it changeable!
  9. Mark Birney

    Mark Birney

    Always turn it to changeable, but like many others, I havn't experienced it yet.
  10. Richard Bunschoten

    Richard Bunschoten

    i had a race last week , 2and quali and practice where all completely rdy , then when race start , it was suddenly really wet.

    But i saw no drops or something so at first i did not know what was happenening i just did not seem to get traktion , then i saw the spray and realized i had started racing in a sweimming pool on slicks , but the competition aslo did not check on the weather cause we where all sliding all over the place , was pretty funny , what was less funny was that i had not yet set the buttons for pit/lcd control ... :S
  11. jbraslins


    Does anyone know what exactly each weather setting does on the dedicated server setup?

    It goes from DRY, 10%, 20% ..... 80%, 90%, CHANGABLE
  12. Olli Hirvonen

    Olli Hirvonen

    Richard, maybe that was the server that has Nurburgring GP. It has quali dry and race always wet. GT cars.

    Its about who has the guts to drive fast. :) Experience seems to drop many seconds off your wet laptimes.. really hard to judge how late you can brake in wet conditions.
  13. Péter Bártfai

    Péter Bártfai

    In my first race in GTR Evo I had a dry start, then it started raining, then it gone to monsoon conditions, but at the end of the race there was dry weather again:) So I think the changeable weather in GTR Evo is really nice!
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