Wanted - a .wmv file of a track..

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dave204, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. dave204


    Hi everyone!
    Just wondered if anyone can help me? I've used BTB to create basic tracks, but I don't have the time to make a really great one.
    I am currently designing an iPhone App, a bit like Sega Rally, and to add to my "stages", I need a .wmv file of an encoded (screen capture or whatever) BTB drive-through, preferably the sort which would suit a rally stage, of course. I can then break this down in Windows Movie Maker frame-by-frame, for editing etc.
    So if anyone wants to be kind enough to supply me with that kind of .wmv file (without any car, of course, just the BTB drive-through), well, who knows, it could be on the Apple App Store as part of my game in the near future!! Thanks in advance!!

    David Fergus
    ps I already have one game on the App Store - Battle of Britain Anniversary Edition - http://appshopper.com/entertainment/battle-of-britain-anniversary-edition
  2. Andre_1th


    Somehow my previous post didn't make it?

    Do I understand it correctly, English is not my native language, you have some commercial goal ?
    I can do it for you, you gonna pay me ? ;)

    Or try Fraps and convert avi to wmv ?

    Good luck m8