VWSR Clio Cup @ Mid Ohio - Fri 10th April

Jan 7, 2013

Soon we will start our VWSR Clio cup Season 4. To test the VWSR clio and to get familiar with the VWSR Clio we are going to do some club races with the car.
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Event Details:
Track: Mid Ohio (no Chicane)
ISI Renault Clio v1.51 with v1.1RD updates (car update will be in the Vmod)

The Vmod file contains the update to the VWSR clio.
Uninstall the Vmod to revert back to the original ISI clio.

Weather: MIXED :geek:
Road condition:
Rubber on track were possible
Tyre wear: Normal
Fuel use: 1x
Mechanical failure: Time scaled

TC: Low
Auto-clutch: Allowed

19:00 GMT
Qualifying: 19:20 GMT - 5 minutes
Warm up: 5 minutes
Race: 15 minutes
Warm up 2: 5 minutes
Race 2: 15 minutes

RaceDepartment Calendar: Click here
Server password: Click here
Racing rules: Click here
GMT Clock: Click here

Sign up list:
  1. Gijs van Elderen
  2. Simon Christmann
  3. Stefan Woudenberg
  4. Tapio Rinneaho
  5. Robin Kraak
  6. Xavier Poirel
  7. Teddy Buch
  8. Theo van den Brink
  9. Franklin Stegink
  10. Joao Fernandes
  11. Frederic Schornstein *
  12. Driver
  13. Driver
  14. Driver
  15. Driver
  16. Driver
  17. Driver
  18. Driver
  19. ...
Note: Please sign out well in time (at least 1 hour before the practise session begins) if you're unable to make the race. Thanks!
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Jan 7, 2013
Just aheads up for tonnights weather:

During the race two possible little rainshowers are to be expected with a 75% chance. It might rain once or twice during a race, or not at all.

rF2 uses race weather during warmup. So we might have a wet start. :whistling:

Lets do the raindance! :barefoot:

TC is available.
Jan 7, 2013
I did rain i bit more then i expected. :whistling: But it was a good oppertunity to test the wets.

Some stuff in the rfm file were a bit mixed up. So tire change didn't go as planned during a pitsstop. :barefoot:
@Xavier de Carvalho provided me a good rfm that would fix this. :thumbsup:

@Simon Christmann : I saw you got a S&G: i will look into that too. I think the same thing happend to @Stefan Woudenberg at Pukekuho.

Thanks for letting me win race 2. ;)
Sep 8, 2013
Qualy was tricky and really close. So P3 was ok because i could set only 1 lap.

R1 was very tricky on the slicks (wrong tire) i did one small mistake chasing @Tapio Rinneaho. Just wanted a bit to much as the rain started again. So in the end P4 was ok.

R2: Left the line very go then in T1 someone made a small mistake slided in front of my car were i spun him and got a 10sec stop&go :(. Did then a few laps a nice battle against Tapio before i served my penalty. Serving the penalty my crew also refueled and tried to change tires. So i was far behind the rest last :thumbsdown:
In the rest of the race i could only try the get the fastest lap (were i failed by a few tenth) and tried to be not last. And @Stefan Woudenberg so friendly to let my pass him :D
Feb 2, 2014
I got 3rd in both races so pretty good event for me. :D
Rain made an appearance in both races and things got interesting.
First race i was driving carefully and smooth trying really hard not to make mistakes. Seeing the road getting dry was hoping for the rain not to come back and then it started again.:p

Second race most of the people went for wets and i gambled again with the slicks. Again being careful and making the most of it. The track was wet most of the race only by the end there was a small line that was getting dry. Was able to keep other cars behind an keep third position. ;)

Again rFactor 2 providing a really immersive and fun experience. :thumbsup: