VRC-chevrette Duracell

Skins VRC-chevrette Duracell 2.1

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Graham Botha submitted a new resource:

VRC-chevrette Duracell - VRC-chevrette Duracell

This is my take on the no 33 Duracell car. I cannot get the image of the battery that is supposed to be on the hood to look even remotely o.k never mind good as a result of the louvers. At some point I'll have a look at trying to do a 3d paint, once I've managed to get software and some tutorials. Apart from that I'm fairly satisfied with the result.
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Graham Botha updated VRC-chevrette Duracell with a new update entry:

VRC-chevrette Duracell

This is a substantial rework. Many logos were redone and I would like to thank chrisi2174 for helping me out with the correct Duracell logos and the numbers. Then I would also like to thank Hal4000 for the logo on the hood. Without their help, this car would not look even close to as good as it does now.

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