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VRC-chevrette Duracell

VRC-chevrette Duracell 2.1

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This is my take on the no 33 Duracell 1991 car. As with all my skins, this is not a 100% perfect representation. The 3D model and template has some serious challenges with warping on the rear of the car. That being said, I think the end result is still something I am very pleased with.

Latest updates

  1. VRC-chevrette Duracell

    This is a small update, fixed the orientation of the Mobil Pegasus logo that was inverted. I did...
  2. VRC-chevrette Duracell

    This is a substantial rework. Many logos were redone and I also redid the tires with a...

Latest reviews

Great job, thank you!
Many thanks for this. I really needed some authentic skins for this awesome car!
thanks for the update!
thank you very much
perfect! thanks!
I was hoping someone would get to this one, bravo!
It must've been a tough one.
Graham Botha
Graham Botha
The tough part is still coming. It should be ready in the next update.
That looks great!
corrected numbers are a nice touch, cheers
Thanks for the update! looks great!
oh my my , fantastic
Anychance at all of the HotWheels Camaro, ran in 93/94
that would look awesome !!!
Good job! Thanks!
I sent you an email, with the numbers and the Duracell lettering of that time.
Graham Botha
Graham Botha
Thank you very much for those. I just updated the skin on my side and will upload it in a while. Now I just need to figure out how to get that battery on the hood done without the frustration of getting it to look right, driving me to alcohol :-)
Very nice...thanks!
Good painting!
Graham Botha
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