VR Upgrade

Thinking of replacing my Rift but not sure what to change it with. My main requirement is better clarity as I find the Rift a bit blurry. A friend has a Vive Pro with upgraded lenses and sings it praise, but there are also reviews giving a contrary view. I’ve also been reading the Valve Index threads with interest but there are so many different headsets, Primax, Vive, oculus, Galaxy, Valve, it all gets a little confusing.

My PC spec is an i7 7700 with a GTX1080 with presently no plans to upgrade as my computer skills are limited. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


I think for simracing you would find the Rift S to be a great upgrade in visual quality. I think it's the change to the LED panel that give so much clearer picture than the original Rift - the smudge is gone completely. I would not go with Vive Pro, if you want to spend a lot of money it would have to be the Index.
I ended up with the Index after much deliberation. The Pimax had shipping issues and technical problems I didn't feel like dealing with. The index is no angel but at least for me, the one issue i've had (thumbstick) isn't really an issue because I mostly race.
Definitely leaning towards the Index, but wasn’t sure my PC would be good enough. Another friend has just received his but as of yet he’s still to use it and he has no prior VR experience to compare it with. I really have no interest in other VR games (rooms only big enough for my rig) and all it will be used for is sim racing (primarily rF2 and AC).

Cote Dazur

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I wish I could help you, but all I ever had and used was first a DK2 and now the CV1. So I am in the same boat.
I was impressed by the reviews on the index, but I am not impressed by the price. I am also not impressed by the kind of head phones it has, I use tactile and it can be a little noisy some time, so I need headphone that at list cover the ears.
My rift headphones quit on me, so I am using buttons at the moment, they totally mask any noise from the tactile and also I do not have to remove them if I remove the rift from my head.


If you need something right now, Odyssey+ esp on sale is the best bang for the buck, AMOLED, adjustable IPD, inside out tracking.
This fall (October-November) we might see new Samsung (that one should be interesting).
And hopefully Vive will start shipping their vaporware Cosmos, essentially Index spec (LCD screens) with inside out tracking instead of stations, which should make it a bit cheaper.