VR Poll - Oculus CV1 VS HTC Vive

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by tnguyen2905, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Oculus Rift CV1

  2. HTC Vive

  1. tnguyen2905


    I will be upgrading to VR before the year ends, but I still need help on deciding which VR gear will be most effective in giving me the experience? Assuming everyone knows the essential details of both the Oculus and the Vive, at this time, which VR would you purchase?
  2. Emery


    While not being one who has bought into VR, it really comes down to a matter of supported titles. While the Vive appears to be a slightly better unit, the CV1 definitely is supported by more titles. Maybe by the time you make your purchase the Vive will get a little more support? If your favorite title supports the Vive, then your decision is a little easier IMHO.
  3. Andrew

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  4. My993C2


    Vive owner here. I was having some tracking issues when I first started using it. But these problems appeared to have been related to where my two Lighthouses were physically located in my sim racing room. Ever since I relocated the lighthouse a foot or two out of the corner of the room, all my tracking issues have been resolved and now I am very happy with how my Vive performs (also keep in mind I spared no expense getting myself a high end computer with the 1080 GPU). The only downside to my Vive is there is only one sim racing title, Project Cars that presently supports the Vive. iRacing is supposed to be working on supporting the device and some of the other titles Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally supposedly work with Revive. In that regard the CV1 has an advantage since the game makers decided to support the CV1 while purposely deciding not to support the Vive.

    But which one is better? I can't answer that question. I believe the only people who can answer that question are the people who own both the Vive and the CV1. They do exist. But I suspect there aren't that many people sim racing that own both devices. I know I have been tempted to also buy the CV1 to do a comparison and also have one as a backup in case the other breaks down. But that idea gets nixed every time I look at my bank account and think to myself I shouldn't spend money needlessly on first generation headsets. I should be saving my money for when the second generation headsets hit the market.
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  5. ears

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    CV1 owner here.

    Technically very similar, by all accounts.

    But CV1 is supported by AC and iRacing, Vive isn't.

    There's intention from AC to support Vive, but VR users have learned the hard way to only believe it when we see it.

    Buying now? CV1.

    End of the year? Wait and see.
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