Video Card & Internal Hard drive Install?


Sep 6, 2012
I have 2 separate questions. 1st: I'd like to upgrade in the near future, my video card & add another internal hard drive. I have an Alienware Aurora bought in July of 2010. It's got plenty of everything with a GTX 260 card. It performs great with dam good FFB numbers. Just like to upgrade to a better card, like maybe a GTX 960, 970? Any suggestions and can I install it myself? Watched a video on You Tube on installing & looked pretty easy. Also I have to install a bigger internal Hard drive, my C drive is getting full. I have an 3GB external hard drive with a lot of games on & it works pretty good. Like to install a good internal to transfer & copy my games to, at least a 2GB hard drive. Any suggestions on what specs to buy & is it easy to install myself.
2nd Question: Is there any software I can buy, besides the Amazon Fire Stick? that transfer anything on the Web to a TV? I have a Fire Stick?, guess that's what it's called, but there's only certain Web sites available. For example, I watch Indy car Practice & Qualifying on the Verizon web site on my PC, & sometimes a movie from a web site not on the Amazon Fire Stick. Be nice to be able to transmit the signal downstairs to a TV & relax while watching, instead of sitting in my office chair for hours & getting a stiff back. Any help will be greatly appreciated on these questions. NOTE: I only ever installed a video card once years ago & it worked. Just hated to buy these items & screw up my PC with either static or faulty install & wind up taking it somewhere anyway, lol. Thank You !!!!