Vettel doesn't need to take risks - Button

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Scott Webber

    Scott Webber

    Sebastian Vettel won't need to take any risks in the remaining eight races as an 85-point lead, coupled with a competitive car, means the title is pretty much his, according to Jenson Button.

    The McLaren driver, currently fifth with a 100-point deficit to Vettel, was in a similar position in 2009 when he went on to win his maiden title.

    A dominant Brawn GP car saw the Brit win six of the first seven races, giving him a massive advantage which saw him win the title at the penultimate race in Brazil, despite failing to win another race that year.

    Vettel's position almost mirrors that of Button's - six wins from eight races, four second places and a worst finish of fourth - has put the 24-year-old in a commanding position, which has led Button to believe Vettel needn't take any risks as the pressure is off.

    "He's already won the World Championship, which is very important," Button told the Independent. "You don't feel the pressure so much, when you've already done it.

    "It wasn't easy for me to win consistently by the end of the year but he still has a massive lead. He has no need to take risks and he's driving a competitive car."

    Button suggests Vettel has a greater advantage than he did, thanks to the resources available to Red Bull, something Brawn didn't have as the season progressed.

    "Red Bull has great resources, so it's a different situation to the one I found myself in with Brawn. And if I had the lead he's got, I wouldn't be feeling any pressure at all!

    "He's facing an eight-race World Championship and he's starting it with an 80-point lead! That's a massive gap. And he's still in one of the quickest cars. That's the best position possible."
  2. My993C2


    Vettel is in the driver's seat to win the WDC again. I think the only way he won't win is if certain drivers begin to purposely take him out of the races with a bunch of DNFs. In fact I can't see that tactic working either since they would be taking themselves out of the races. No the only way to stop Vettel would be for the back markers to purposely crash into Vettel in Q1 and the purposely crash into him again at the start of the races. I doubt we will see that happen, but you never know. Who expected Nelson Piquet JR to purposely crash his car to help Alonso win a race.
  3. Gary Corby

    Gary Corby

    I worked out these numbers before the last race: in the fantasy scenario in which one of Webber, Alonso or Hamilton wins all eight remaining races, then Vettel needs mostly 2nd places and a few 3rds to win the world championship. If Webber, Alonso and Hamilton share equally all 1st, 2nd and 3rd places between them for every remaining race. I.e., if Vettel doesn't podium again this year, then Vettel still wins the WDC if he can only average 5th place.
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