Very Sad Day for GTL

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Rupe Wilson, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    rFactor Senior Club Manager Staff Premium

    As you may now be reading .. Stuart Thomson is taking some time out of GTLegends .

    I just like to say you will be missed but understand fully with your decision...
    i going to miss you and all the help you have given me over this period making me feel very welcome as staff..

    Keep in touch and dont forget us..:)
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  2. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    Sad day indeed, Stuart has been responsible for the continued development of GTL at RD, turning it into the most friendly on-line group here. We owe you so much, and I hope you can return soon after a refreshing break.
    See you soon, I hope.
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  3. Jacob Boonstra

    Jacob Boonstra

    Thanks for all you did so far. Hope to see you back soon man, you've made GTL the way it is now.
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  4. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    A sad day?, that doesn't quite cover it.... GTL minus Stu, does not compute...

    You get your ass back, very soon sir...
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  5. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    That's a hard one, Stuart did make GTL what it is now !
    Thank you for al the things you did, we will miss you an hoping it is temporary an see you soon!
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  6. Ondrej Kapal

    Ondrej Kapal

    I am so sorry to hear that. Stuart have done so much for this league, for the Racing Club and for us - drivers. He have been there all the time - it can't be expressed in a short way. And he's the icon of sportsmanship, respectful to other drivers on the track, being an example. Thank you.

    I hope we will see this gentleman again in action soon!
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  7. Roland


    :speechless: ...

    I could make a very very lengthy post here (like I usually do:D ) and I'd still just scratch the surface of everything Stuart has done for GTL here at RD and for our enjoyment, and what that means to me personally. But I think we all do know already..

    One way or another Stu, I really hope you can find a way to fit GTL and our little group here back in your life and enjoy it like you made us enjoy it, preferably someday soon!

    For now:
    :notworthy: It's been a pleasure driving with you..
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  8. Peter van Zanten

    Peter van Zanten

    This is indeed a sad for GTL and us :cry: but I hope you take your time Stu and come back to GTL and us. You are a great man Stu so hope to see you back:thumbsup: Thanks for all off your work.We can only bow four your work at GTL.
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  9. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Stuart as a newbie in the club thanks for your help and support, hope to see back at GTL some time soon :thumbsup:
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  10. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    All the best Thommo, I'm sure you'll be back in some capacity in the future. Maybe a little break will get those GTL juices flowing again stronger than ever! Pretty much my whole introduction into the world of proper sim-racing occurred in the RD GTL club under your administration, so I'm enormously grateful to you for giving up your own time to ensure folk like me just need to turn up and race.

    Best wishes sir!
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  11. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

    Indeed, most of my driving was in the GTL club. Great events, nice atmosphere, fun all round. Never could replicate the experience anywhere else.

    Hope you'll get more free time and interest to get back into it again.
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  12. Łukasz Demolin

    Łukasz Demolin

    Wait, so this wasn't an April Fools joke?

    This is a big change in the GTL world obviously, but hopefully it will be good for you, Stu. We all know how these things can start to tire you and a deep breath of fresh air without the load on your shoulders can do wonders. Thanks for all your efforts and stay awesome :)
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  13. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    i'm really sad to ear that, i'm only started on GTL some time ago , but i can see all the work that Stuart made on it. Thank you for your work Stuart! :thumbsup:
    i hope to see you again in the track :)
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  14. Andrew Jarnell

    Andrew Jarnell

    hi all and stu
    as always only just read post . thanxs stu for helping me with all my computer set ups and getting gtl to wor k . with out your help i would never have bin gtl raceing . get back soon cause i still need help
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  15. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    What a loss for GTL!!! But it's about time Thommo gets a well deserved break. You will be missed buddy. I hope you come back at some point and race with us, even if you don't find the time to be staff again. We'll try our best to keep the club/league friendly to the new guys (like I was once) and to uphold the standards you set in place.
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  16. Dave Flower

    Dave Flower

    Stuart Thomson - sorry to hear this Stuart, haven't had much to do with you directly as I've been an RDer for a while, but on GTL for only a short period. That said I've always found you to be helpful and extremely competent both on track and off. The post and feeling that you'll be missed run deeper than even this thread shows. I like everyone else thankyou for all your help, attitude and input into RD, as Rupe said.. a sad day. I've no idea of the reasons for this, that you want a break is all we do need to know. I hope it's short term and to see you back, sooner rather than later, you have friends here, that's plain for all to see. That comes not from just being an admin, and doing your 'job'. Hope you get the GTL urge back soon. In the meantime all the best and know we will all be pleased to see you back, staff or otherwise. Respect.
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