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Vehicle Skins in a MAS file?

Has anyone ever managed to successfully put vehicle skins in a MAS file? I have been painting some cars for a couple mods run in a league, and some of them end up pretty big. I have seen some references to putting the DefaultLivery= DDS files in a MAS file, According to the notes I found in some skinning instructions, all you need to do is add the MAS file reference to the .gen files:

If you expect that the folder size will be rather large it would probably be best placing the textures inside a TEAM.MAS file inside the team folder, to do this you would have to include a new gen file (which is pointed to by the veh file) in the team folder.
When changing the gen file, simply add the following section of text under the SearchPath=Vehdir section.

I tried that, (adding the MAS to both gen files referenced in the VEH file, but couldn't get it to work, the livery wouldn't load. Is there some syntax trick I am missing?
Any ideas?