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Helmets Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Helmet (unofficial) 1.0

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fluffydave submitted a new resource:

Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Helmet (unofficial) - Bottas' helmet with mercedes sponsors

With Felipe Massa returning to Williams pretty much confirms Bottas' departure, I decided to do a simple mod on Bottas' helmet to replace Nico Rosberg

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EEA is required to install
Open incardiver.erp (\F1 2016\asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\incardriver\2016)
Files to replace >> import:
  1. nico_rosberg_cap_d.tga >> bottas_cap_d.tga
  2. nico_rosberg_cap_n.tga >> bottas_cap_n.tga
  3. nico_rosberg_glove_logo_d.tga >>...

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