Valencia brings strong WC results

The European GP weekend brought another impressive result from WC where Bono Huis and Rasmus Tali secured a 1-2, whereas other categories presented mixed results.

World Series qualifying brought a third place for Cyril Werdmuller whereas the other drivers struggled somewhat. After a good start Werdmuller was quickly able to steal the lead from Stefan Kanitz and keep the position for the first half of the race. Mattias Stahre and Fred Gosling took part in incidents early on but despite this managed to climb towards the top. The race of Werdmuller saw a turning point on lap 38 when a collision with Kanitz, who had retaken the lead, forced the Dutch to pit and allowed Wezenberg to close down on him. After the penalty-adjusted results Fred Gosling grabbed a season best P2, followed by Werdmuller and Stahre in P4 and P6. The latter duo continues in the WS championship lead.

In World Trophy Pedro Melim was this time the best qualifier of the team, as the Portuguese took P3 in front of Ajibola Lawal. The race provided no change to the usual synopsis, as Lawal again suffered from contacts and had to retire early on, whereas Melim managed to produce another supreme race and take the lead from Ivan Kaloyanov. The Portuguese's victory run lasted until lap 40, where a disconnection of several drivers eventually ended his race with just 2 laps to go. Hence the race produced the worst WT result of the team so far, with Melim as the only driver in the points despite the disconnection.

World Championship again stood for the strongest results, which was already evident after qualifying where Bono Huis took his fifth pole of the season by a healthy two-tenths margin. The race unfolded in the hands of team #1 early on, as Rasmus Tali was able to take second place from Bruno Marques. The Canada race winner Ronny Hähnel had another appaling start as a result of contact with Patrick De Wit, which eventually ended in retirement. The front duo Huis-Tali was able to drive the 57 laps seemingly without issues and score the second double victory of the team in row. Jaakko Mikkonen made a solid effort to carry home in P4 just behind Marques. The result provided no change in the championship order, where Precision maintains a lead in the constructors and a 1-3 in the drivers.

Johannes Kunkel, Teamowner Precision Motorsports commented:
"A good weekend once again for the team, winning WC, 2nd in World Series and a lost win in World Trophy due to server issues. We can be very happy about these results as we were struggling to find the pace during testing. Luckily with a great effort of our Setup team we got the car right for the races. Half of the season is over now and so far we are "on schedule" with our aims for the season, which is to win all 6 titles in FSR. It will be a tough and long 2nd half of the season and we will have to fight hard to maintain those goals, but with this team everything is possible and I´m looking forward to the next races."

Bono Huis (1st) commented:
"Great results again for me and the team. My qualifying was very good, did a PB and took my 5th pole position of the season. I was a bit worried to have Bruno on P2, because I saw in practice that he had more topspeed. So I was expecting some attack from Bruno in the first lap, fortunately he was too busy keeping Rasmus behind so I could pull a nice gap in the first few laps. And that was really important for the rest of race. After the first pitstop I knew all I had to do was keep the car on the track and make it to the finish, so it was a really long, boring race. But in the end a fantastic result for us again, thanks to the whole team for the fantastic setup development, and to Ondrej who helped me a lot with the setup, thanks."

Rasmus Tali (2nd) commented:
"The race start was good I could pass Nilsson right away and on braking into T1 I managed to get Jaakko too.
After that I was behined Marques who seemed to carry more wing and at the same time he had to brake earlier so I almost ran into him. I could pass him on lap 2 on the backstraight but the gap to Bono had already grown to over 2 seconds. I knew I had the pace to match Bono in race, but I was more concerned about Marques and keeping the car clean as I seemed to struggle a bit with car handling the first part of race.
Pit stops went well and at some point Bruno tried to close the gap on me which he managed, but then he had used too much of his fuel and had to back off, so last 15 laps I could just relax and drive to finish. Congrats to Bono, great result to Precision Motorsports again and solid result for me, but I hope to be 1 step higher in Silverstone."

Fred Gosling (2nd) commented:
"This result is a massive boost for my confidence. Joining the season late has been very challenging and Iíve had some bad luck too. I wasnít sure if I would even be able to race here due to having an operation on my back just after Montreal. Fortunately it worked out and I have to say thanks to the team for keeping the faith in me and for the usual fantastic work on the setup. Next up is Silverstone - my home race, where I have had poles and podiums in the past. My target is simply to continue improving and hopefully reach the podium again."

Precision Motorsports
Official Press Release
written by John-Eric Saxen
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