Using ProHUD in race and relative timing window overlaps MFD in bottom right corner


Oct 27, 2019
So I installed ProHUD last week and have been doing a lot of test day stuff just getting used to the HUD. I finally decided to give it a try with a quick race last night. As soon as the race started, the relative timings window showed up in the bottom right corner, overlapping the MFD. I was still able to access the MFD by pressing 'Enter' but then I couldn't get the relative timing window back. Before using ProHUD, the relative timing window used to be on the left edge of the screen during a race. Why did it move when I switched to ProHUD?

I opened DynHUD editor for the very first time and loaded my overlay of ProHUD 1920x1080. I was able to select the ProHUD widgets and drag them around the screen but nothing was selectable in the bottom right for the MFD or the relative timing window so why is it showing up there during the race? Do I have to change it in another overlay, perhaps the default overlay? I am a bit confused and any help would be appreciated.