Use of Puns in WT race Japan. Not puns.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Mo Selvarajah

    Mo Selvarajah

    this is with regards to the commentary on the above race.

    a couple of times both commentators said something like the following:
    'they might try a 'banzai' move, pardon the pun'

    the lead commentator said this, and later on the 2nd commentator repeated this, and then said again, 'pardon the pun lol'.

    this has been bugging me for some time. Saying 'they might try a banzai move' is not a pun. Using a foreign word to describe an action (in this case sticking one up the inside into the hairpin), even if you're in the country from which it not a pun.

    a pun is a form of word play (source:

    Banzai actually means something...its a word used to describe a surprise attack (source: which the commentators knew, and they used it in the correct context......but it was not a pun.

    i love what the commentators do and they do a great job, but i dont want to play back australia next year and hear something like 'thats some good defending there, fair dinkum! pardon the pun'.

    it would be pretty embarassing.

    ps i personally think the commentators should try less to imitate real world commentating and make more effort to describe the glorious virtues of simracing versus reality, and what things effect drivers in simracing land, talking about things specifically to do with simracing - rather than try and pretend like its real.

    i think this approach would give greater insight and make it more interesting for casual viewers too.

    how about getting the top 3 drivers to give a proper teamspeak interview after the race? that would be great for the broadcast.

    thanks for listening.
  2. Jackson Wendt

    Jackson Wendt

    I agree. But Mo, the stereotype of the fraise "Fair Dinkum" in Australia is very well wrong.. Sometimes you hear it but not constantly, its not like we are a backwards country who don't know how to speak properly.. :p anyway..

    This suggestion that Mo made about the top 3 was a good idea.. :)

    See you guys in Melbourne hopefully!! :)