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Sell USA-DOF Reality P6, TM TMX Pro T3PA/TH8A/Whlstnd, Fanatec Handbrake, Heusinkveld Handbrake, Sparco R345, TR Inv Pedal Mount, DD Mounts, Seat, etc.


Made the mistake of making purchases before I really had a plan. Finally have a plan locked in (Simlab P1X being delivered Monday, planning for PT Actuator motion in the future). But, now I have gear that doesn't go along with my plan:

Willing to ship, but would prefer local pickup (PA/MD, USA), especially for the motion platform. Will work with you on the prices.
  • SOLD - DOF Reality P6 6DOF Motion Platform- Purchased March 2021
    • https://dofreality.com/
    • Loved this unit with my Fanatec v2.5 wheel and v3 pedals. Tried to make it all even better with Simucube 2 and HE sprints. The way I feel about the DOF P6 is the way that I feel about Fanatec gear. It's great gear that does what it says it will do, and does a great job at it, especially at its price point. My rig goals are now beyond those price points (which is insane because I remember hesitating to buy the TMX Pro just a few years back, but now I understand how much the buy-once-cry-once rule applies to sim racing)
    • Only reason I'm selling:
      • There's some minor flex in the rig that makes me feel like I'm not getting 100% from the new wheel and pedals. I don't notice it while driving, so I wish I could just add some reinforcement and keep it. However, the weight limit isn't as forgiving as the more expensive units, and the rigidity that I want would be too heavy.
      • Never had any issues other than the minor flex, and I definitely recommend DOF for motion in most cases. The only reason I wouldn't recommend DOF is if:
        • You're planning a high power DD wheel (the new CSL DD would probably be ideal for this)
        • If you're like me and want to maximize everything and believe that max rigidity will shave seconds off your lap times.
    • H6 vs. P6 info that I couldn't find/confirm before I purchased (customer service has been great):
      • Question: My second question is about the H6 vs. P6. Are there any performance benefits of the better P6 motors, or do they just last longer?
      • Answer from DOF: "Our Commercial P series platforms has a bit more force and speed compare to consumer H models. You barely will notice it while racing. The main difference is more of a longevity for extended continuous use. For the home use you don't need Commercial platform. Industrial version of our latest DOF Reality platform is for Commercial use only, except we recommend it to the pilots with weight close or above 300 pounds (120kg) and/or longer than 2-3h continues daily sessions. It is based on industrial motors that can work hours each day. The only difference is in motors + gear boxes . The rest of characteristics and parts are the same"
    • Also asked if the warranty is transferable:
      • Answer from DOF: Yes warranty and SRS key are transferable
    • Includes SRS software key and transferable warranty
    • Asking $5000+shipping, but willing to work with you on price depending on shipping.
    • Price negotiable for local pickup/meet. Keeping it ready to plug in and play for you + saving me time and money from disassembling/packing/shipping = win + win. Willing to meet close by as well
  • SOLD - Fanatec Shifter - Purchased March 2020
  • SOLD - Fanatec Handbrake- Purchased March 2020, the original unit failed and was replaced April 2021, new replacement unit was only used a few times before I purchased the Heusinkveld
  • SOLD - Heusinkveld Handbrake V1- Purchased June 2021
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