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Sell (US) Thrustmaster T3PA with Load Cell

Jason Chamberlain

Apr 26, 2020
I just got a set of T-LCM pedals, so I'm selling my T3PA (not pro) pedals. I have installed the Ricmotech load cell adapter on the brake. I just replaced the bushing and I will include a spare as well. I also will include the old worn-out one if you'd prefer to have a bit of play in the brake.

The throttle and clutch pedals have improved springs from Richmotech. It makes them a little firmer, which I think is a much more satisfying feel. I will also include the original springs if you want to put them back. All the instructions can be found on the Ricmotech website.

You will receive them in the original box and I will ship them in the outer box in which TM sent my new pedals. We can negotiate shipping costs.

I can send pics if you're interested. If you're really interested I can take it apart and show you the load cell (i.e. send nudes).
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