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Skins URD Bayro EGT/BMW M8 GTE - 4 Fantasy Liveries 2019-10-09

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MrBraindown submitted a new resource:

URD Bayro EGT/BMW M8 GTE - 4 Fantasy Liveries - Four totally made-up liveries for the BMW M8 GTE

Right, I'm no professional skinner, but I've made literally hundreds of liveries for my own consumption - all totally made up. I've never shared any before, mainly due to worries about the quality - but a couple of friends of mine wanted copies of these to enlarge their BMW GTE field on the back of the recent URD release, so I've uploaded them here.

They're a bit rough, but hopefully some of you will find them of interest. If they prove popular I may upload others from my bulging back...

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