Update of sorts

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Günthar Rowe

Feb 24, 2008
Hi guys,

very rough last few months at this end and in looking back I'm even sadder that my close connection with the STC guys esp Xose and David had become so strained....:confused::confused::confused:

I would like to provide a small update here.

As most already know, I had an accident and lost a finger etc, but really this was just the beginning of things. Had and am having some pretty serious marriage problems too. This part is not "healing" as fast as my fingers :( I tried to drop my modding and PC time to a minimum as a show of good faith to my wife but this seems to have made some issues worse and not better :confused:

So, I will be slowing getting back into more active duty again as it seems not to make an impact on either way with the relationships issues :wink:

If you have or need any help at all from this point onwards please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll work on the issues at hand....

I lost a lot more here in an effort to save something that maybe wasn't to be anyways... time will tell about the personal stuff. But I hope to rekindle the great friendships that I have formed here in this community as fast as I can :cool:

There is now real need for anyone here to tell me it was ok etc that I dropped the ball on my friends. As what I really needed was more friends not less...

So, onwards to new beginnings and all the hippy/psychological crap hahahah!!!!

Xosé Estrada

Aug 10, 2007
Hi mate, and welcome back.

You know we can't be grateful enough for what you did, but at least talking in David's and mine name we really appreciate it, even more knowing how bad were the times you had to pass through and how difficult had to be for you.

Further than simracing questions, you know that if distance don't make it impossible you have all of our support and we are willing to help you if you need from us. At the end simracing is more about social relations, community behavior and respectful competition than just going on track.

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