Understeer Galore


So my PS4 broke down and i was left with my PS3 and F12014 while repairing the 4. Pretty much enjoy'd it.
PS4 came back, popped F12015 back in and it was... weird. I feel like i'm driving a refrigerator with wooden wheels glued on it.
The understeer is massive. Tried fixing the setup. No luck. In comparison 2014 cars felt responsive and fast. 2015 the cars feel like tired elephants waiting to die.

Is it just me or do you guys experience the same amount of understeer?



That's weird - I felt that 2014 was understeer galore, and yet the 2015 game feels fast and responsive. However, I still preferred the handling model from 2012, but obviously the regulation changes for 2014 meant Codies had to change how the cars drive in-game

Graham Laing

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I am not sure about this one. I raced at Brazil yesterday, a track I know very well, and I was under steering like crazy, so much so that I jumped out of the game to check all my wheel settings.

I ended up adding a bit more front wing, and moved the ballast backwards a bit. I kind of convinced myself that it was an optical allusion. This is the first race I have done after tweaking to a wider and slightly higher point of view by adjusting the cockpit camera. So with the changed view I guessed that I was misjudging my braking points, and entering the turns with excessive speed, so under steering in the process.

I wasn't comfortable for the whole race. I should have gone with the default view to test my theory, but I didn't.

I'll see how it goes in my next race in Abu Dhabi, when I get the chance, maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I will go back and try a quick race or some TT in Mexico, as my memory is fresh about how the car handled pre-patch 8 at Mexico


Brazil i a great example, i have raced around Interlagos a million times. It's my favourite track and now i can hardly set a decent lap. It's very frustrating.

It might be that the braking points have changed so much so, that i enter all corners too fast. Just did silverstone, and it's wasn't as bad as my laps around Sochi that was the recent for the first post, although at times it was veeeeery difficult as well.
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