Understanding basic car setups and files ?

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  1. mutantaxe


    I see there are files but how do you open them or use them ( install them ). My game folders are all in STEAM. , so I guess you would have to save them there but what folder ?

    Basically gearing, am just trying a few laps of Monza in formula 1 cars and they are reving out before half way down the straight. Now, my mechanical knowledge is paying the mechanic :) but here goes anyway,

    I assume that by lengthening the gearing it increases top speed but acceleration is not as good At the moment its 21/22 (5.867 ) ( just selected a preset for monza )btw: is there an idiots guide to 07 ?
  2. Guus


    Setups go in documents/simbin/race07/userdata/carsetups. So not in your steam folders but in your documents ;) Running out of revs halfway down the straight is obviously not good, you should set your top gear so that you almost hit the limiter at the end of the straight and of course set your other gears so they line up nicely. The simbin setups in the game usually have decent gearing so you can take a look at that.
  3. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    The files can be opened using notepad but the numbers inside are rather meaningless as the useful numbers vary from car to car.To make any changes use Car Setup in game.

    Once you have a few cars tweaked the way you like them you can grab them from the files area in setup. Just choose the track or car/track combo from the listings to pull one up and save it for the track you're driving at. An alternative way is to go into my documents and choose a car from a track folder and copy it to the track folder you will be going to, this is sometimes easier!