UK Mobile Phone Directory

Sep 3, 2008
For those in the UK that aren't aware of this already which is a directory of "Harvested" mobile phone details :angry:

The 118800 website has been down since the day after this became public knowledge, quite possibly down to the shear number of people trying to go Ex-Dir, when it's back up I would suggest people go Ex-Dir if THEY want to decide who gets THEIR mobile number and prevent spamming and bogus calls :angry:

Regards and pass this on.

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
I don't live in UK, does this affect Ireland I wonder though. What a stupid idea. Someone will get all the numbers from the databse and get all sorts of info from it, and send spam, as you say. Bull-Sh**!

Cheers on behald of RD's English children for the heads-up. :)