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Skins Tyres Pack for Audi R8 2.0/Final

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Henky SA

Jul 21, 2013
Henky SA submitted a new resource:

Tyres Pack for Audi R8 - just in case if you want some different tyres, for racing needs.

Tyres Pack for Luis Henrique's Audi R8 mod.
was a quick made/edited tyres for own use. but now i want to share them to you.
all tyres are done in 2048. you can downscale them to 1024 or lower.
i've included the PSD of the tyres. suitable if you want to make you own tyre.
will updated some brand(s) if i have some time and research. request opened for those requesting another brand tyre which is not included here.

Brands included in this pack are :
- Michelin (Stock ver, just like the...
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