Tv recommendations for PS4

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Manx-Andi, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Manx-Andi


    Hi Guys,

    Got some stuff on order for a new rig build and am now looking for a TV or Monitor suitable for PS4. I know the PS4 puts out HDR to a HDR display, but, how about refresh rates ? I don't know off hand what the output from the console is,so, would I be wasting my money going for something that exceeds the consoles capabilities ?

    Also, I notice that some manufactures are quoting refresh rate as PQI figure - how does that translate to Hz ? I understand that 100hz is faster than 50hz , but, what the hell is 1300PQI ? !

    Just been browsing on 'Ye Olde T'interweb' and found these at CurrysPCWorld -

    My budget is around £500, but, if I can find something suitable and reliable for less then I will consider it. Also, as this display will be solely dedicated to the Playstation, it does not need to be a TV particularly - a Gaming monitor will also be fine if it fits the bill resolution, quality and budget wise.

    What are your collective thoughts, guru's ?!