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Triple Screen Settings not saved


I am running AC with Content manager and when I set the Triple screen settings in the game via the triple screen app, it doesn't stick. So everytime i start a new session, I need to set it up again. It's really annoying. Can anybody think of a solution?

Content manager is up to date, recommended version. Exe file is now located in AC folder, but I tried other places as well. No change.

Custom Shaders Patch also installed but also recommended version.

P.S. I went into cfg file and altered the Triple Screen notepad file manually as well. But it still shows default when I run the game. So Content Manager does not read that NotePad file.
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Hi, I had the same issue and I think I found my error.
I change the triple screen setting via Documents/AssettoCorsa/Cfg and then triple screen setup and it seems to work.
I previously did the same change in ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/assettocorsa/cfg and I had no save setting like you did.
Hope this help if you didn't find answer yet.