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Triple Screen Help

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chadd, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Chadd


    I think this thread has been created before but it was from a few years back and not sure if any of the settings have changed. So my issue is, I'm having a hard time getting the cockpit view to feel like I'm actually behind the wheel of a car and have the sense of speed feel correct. When I have the correct numbers in there, the cockpit feels ok, but my sense of speed is terrible. I can hear the engine revving and the mph are up but it feels like I'm not even moving. I've tried to adjust the settings to get a better sense of speed but when I do the cockpit is very unrealistic and very distorted on the side monitors. I'm not sure if I need to mention anything else but I'll post my settings below. Any help would be much appreciated

    My distance from the center screen is 30.5" which comes out to 774.7 mm for the distance spinner (My monitor is as close as I can get it behind my wheel)

    I have 3 27" screens which measure 24.5" wide which is 622.3 for the spinner screen width (The actual screen size is 23.5" which would be closer to 600 mm so not sure which to set here). I have nvidia surround enabled as this would make the total for all 3 screens 1866 mm, but it says for each screen so not sure if I have this correct

    I have the rotation spinner at 17 as my desk only allows me to have my screens almost straight across unless I move the center screen farther back

    For the margin spinner, the bezels are .5" each which would be 12 or 13 mm, as it says for each bezel, but not sure if I need to add both sides and put 24

    On the onboard settings app with the FOV I don't mess with this (Only pitch and seat position) as I've read the FOV adjustment doesn't do anything for triple screens. I could be wrong though

    I have added 2 photos to show what my cockpit has to look like and the settings for the car to handle well and to have a decent sense of speed. Sorry for the long post, but I have spent numerous hours trying to get this situated with no luck. Thanks in advance

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  2. Keith_G


    Hi Chadd, Just so you know you are not alone, I have triple screens and no matter what settings I use there still is a lack of the sense of speed when driving from cockpit view (which is my normal view for other games). I have resorted to using an external screen for the dashboard (7" tablet with Dashmeter Pro) and use the bumper or bonnet cam for driving just so I can get the sense of speed I want. Can't do that when online racing so I just learn to deal with it but still wish I could get it right in the cockpit. Interested to see what other have to say to make it better.
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  3. SakL

    Black flagged in a club race!

    I run 24" triples and the settings I like are nowhere near the "correct" ones.. I´ve set the screen width wider than IRL, the player distance shorter and the margin wider. The angle is about right though. Took some time, but now it is bloody perfect in cockpit view.
    While setting the screens up I tried to think where should I look to see for example the mirrors or passenger door in a real car. It took time but was well worth the effort :thumbsup:
    I am also running an Android phone as a dashboard since the virtual one gets hidden away due to the FOV. Also gives me +5 immersion. :geek:
  4. Chadd


    Did you just do testing for the width and distance for each separately, or did you adjust one when you adjusted the other. For example if you moved the width 5% wider/closer did you move the distance 5% closer/farther? Or did you just move them at random amounts until it felt correct? And on the width...are you doing one screen or adding all 3? And how much wider are you doing than IRL?
  5. Robert Bachmayer

    Robert Bachmayer

    This is my post and settings for 3 x27 inch monitors, hope you can view it in case your not a member.
    My spinner width is set at 600 and my spinner distance is set at 400, I have settled on this figure at it feels pretty good to me. Actual measured distance is 575mm but if I try that it's just terrible. So spinner width:spinner distance or 600:400 or 3:2 ratio is what I use, with my seat moved forward to suit.
    Good luck.
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