Triple screen 22'' - 23'' - 22''

Hi there. I just built my first triple screen setup, and I´m running into some issues. I know ideally one would want all 3 screens same physical size, resolution, and model, but unfortunately this was not possible for me. So at the moment I have a 23'' 1080p central monitor, and 2x22'' also 1080p side monitors.


Currently I´m using NV Surround at 5760x1080, but as you might imagine, since the monitors are not the same physical size, they don´t line up properly, especially from the middle of the screen and up. This doesn´t bother me during daily usage on the desktop since it just looks a bit weird when windows are transitioning from one monitor to another and after that I could use them independently. But the problem comes when I try to simrace.

Basically I want to run only Assetto Corsa on triples, and the misalignment can be really distracting when trying to look on some apexes or aproaching some corners. It doesn´t make it impossible to drive, far from it, I think it´s awesome compared to the single screen I previously had, but still. I´ve been reading about a software called SoftTH, and that could help me, but apparently it only works with dx9, so no good on AC... Is there any other software that is similar? Any way I could minimized this gap between the monitors while simracing in Assetto Corsa? Lifting the side monitors wouldn´t work because them it aligns some things, and mess up other that were ok.

Thanks for any insight.
Hi, I know nothing of triple screen setup but at a guess maybe you can minimize the misalignment by use of the center monitors onboard controls to squash the display?...I can on my single monitor by using the Menu/Size -function button controls.


I have somewhat similar problem (24+23"), what I did is the 23" is closer to me, bezel actually in front of the bezels on the 24" screen.

Virtually speaking, if a 23" screen is 60cm away from you, and a 22" screen is 57.5cm away (about an inch closer) they'll appear to be the same size, just need to adjust heights so the edges line up well. Then in AC just set them all to be 23" screens as if they were farther away.
Raise the side monitors so it's centered to the middle monitor.
Than fiddle a bit with the proper bezel correction.
My side screens are also about 2 cm less high.. i hardly notice it.