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Misc Transfagarasan North. Hill Climb V.5 hill climb downhill and hill climb race map 1.01

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I downloaded this last night and went to try it out, but every time I was getting anywhere near the the edge of the road the game locked up.

Any ideas?
Wait, not sure if I've posted on the wrong thread. It's the track itself that is locking up. What's the map? Is that a seperate add in to the base track?


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This track is brilliant. TY.
I am planning to go drive it in My BMW 330Ci Next Year.
One problem I found with this track In Asetto Corsa is the camera on recording. It wont play back in camera 7,8 or 9 which is the random cams. Is this going to be fixed ?
Great Job. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: