Traction Control or No traction control???

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Stevens, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Nick Stevens

    Nick Stevens

    Im not getting Traction Control. Why do people say no traction control is better as the electronics don't restrict the engines power. But when i use traction control im much faster as i can get on the power earlier in the corner. I try and use no traction control but i keep on spinning out! Any tips on how not to spin out or should i stick with traction control. ps i can't do manual on f1 drives me nuts!!!
  2. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    i drive with semi TCS but a good tip for none is to wait until the car is completly straight before laying down the throttle but not full whack either try it with semi traction and see how you get on and if you feel confident try without
  3. reza


    Hi, one solution for avoiding spinning out with TC off is softening the rear springs and distribute the car's weight to rear, like 40 - 60%.
  4. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I will paste a previous post below that deals with assists:

    "I must say I do not agree that it is inherently faster to turn off assists.
    It is however more "immersive" and much more realistic.
    I found that I could compete with all assists off against Professional AI and get podiums. However against Legend AI I found it neccessary to turn traction control back on to medium. Because in the heat of battle and on worn tyres you can nail that throttle out of the corner and let the electronics sort out traction. Without it, much more consistent skill and throttle control is required.
    It becomes even more critical in the wet. I will turn TC to full in a wet race against Legend AI and get podiums and without it will be well down (say up to 10 sec a lap). You simply make more errors with no asisists and that it why it is more realistic and will improve your driving.
    Assists are a soft form of an unfair advantage as they help overcome errors.
    In a seven year season as I jumped to Legend AI in yr 2 and turned all assists off and fuel and tyre sim on WOW it was a tough challenge. I neede to lean on some assists to at least let me compete. My plan is to gradually wean myself off and make it tougher and tougher as i progress.

    In summary: for realism, all off. For consistency and a little help use one or two as required. If symptoms persist see you race coach"

    Conclusion: You will learn much more about driving fast with no assists. TC espescially as its about throttle control.
    Setups: I have begun to always test setups with no assists as they will inherently camoflage a setup problem. Once Happy I have the fastest possible setup than I will use TC and ABS (in a league where everyone else is) or not at all in Career mode.
    The assists will minimise the setup problem but it will still cost you time over a better setup.
  5. Chris Rees

    Chris Rees

    I hope codemasters does something to slow TCS down in 2011 and make it less forgiving, i cant help but feel cheated everytime im beaten out on track running no assists when everybody else has a lead right foot. To my recollection TCS never used to stop an F1 car from spinning when hitting curbs, marbles and grass!
  6. F1 2011 Rocks!

    F1 2011 Rocks!

    That's good advice - and in the wet, ease the power back on gently. In the dry, you don't have to be completely straight, but if you're at too much of an angle and you're too heavy on the accelerator, say hello the the gravel trap/barrier. :)

    -Avoid high kerbs like the plague
    -Don't put your foot down until your car is almost or completely straight when exiting a corner
    -In the wet, apply power gently!
    -Are you using a wheel? I found no traction control impossible with a gamepad, but with a wheel it gives me the right amount of a challenge.
  7. Rob Stone

    Rob Stone

    It's all about practice. On the PS3 (with controller) I got a double WDC on Expert mode, but I was spinning a bit. With TCS off, I found it a lot easier to correct the early sign of a spin (back end starting to come out). In the wet I had to put the engine mode in Cruise otherwise I wouldn't get very far at all.

    Now on the PC using a wheel, TCS off isn't a problem at all. You do lose grip noticeably when the tyres are worn, but again practice and you learn when to go defensive and when to put your foot down.

    One thing I did try was putting TCS back on when playing friends on the felt so slow and sluggish coming out of turns compared to having it turned off.

    I'm not that great at the game either. I always wheelspin on the start, and usually wheelspin on exiting slow turns as well.
  8. Steve Stoop

    Steve Stoop

    the faster you'll turn off assists, the better. Driving with assist - esp TC and abs just gives you bad habits to shake off when driving without assists. You're right, you can' t nail the throttle on certain corner exits but if you get used to doing it like that with TC, you'll have a harder time relearning throttle (and brake control in the case of ABS) when you do turn them off. I just jumped in the deep end on expert almost right off the bat with no simracing experience before I got this game, I think it payed dividends for me.
  9. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard
    Sir Ropey Premium

    I have to say that is VERY good advice, if you can, leave the assists alone especially if you have a wheel as you have much greater control over all aspects of car control than you would if you were using keys or a gamepad.

    You are able to feather the throttle around corners before being on it 100%, you can be hard on the brakes and then lighten off as you get deeper into the braking zone to avoid lock-ups, it all takes some learning and is worth doing, once you have mastered it you have a self taught ABS and TCS system which WILL make you quicker than any game assist can.

  10. CyberSoulBrother


    Traction control is for people that like the shallow aspect of just driving on the driving line without having to control a beast of a machine. There's a reason why TC is banned in F1, it's automates the experience too far. The next thing would be auto steering if you get my drift. Like reality there's not much difference in using TC compared to no TC in the hands of a skilled driver. The technology is very good, but for an amateur as we all start off as, it takes some time to get used to.

    Ultimately if you want the complete experience drive with it off. That said, if you're using a controller, it doesn't quite have the same authenticity since they cut a few corners in making analog stick controllable and the triggers can be frustrating too. In a way it kind of defeats the point then, but driving with a wheel and no TC is the ideal way to play needless to say. Once you get used to it, its boring with it on, same for automatic gears.
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I agree with pretty much everything that has been said here. I am far from a quick driver but I opted to remove all assists very early on as I wanted to feel it was me driving the car and not the game. I have subsequently tried using things like auto gears again just to see how it felt and it was just not the same and I am definitely quicker on auto. Throttle control is one of the fun aspects of the game and makes it so much more fun to play.
  12. MYZT


    i usually play with tc off but online, its almost unplayable since unfair players were more interested to ruin ur own race then driving
    results? i spinned out of the track and you probably know you cant accelerate on grass so you eventually lose much more time
    i am also much quicker with it on (1,5 -2 sec)
    but i like driving without
    controlling throttle and braking is become way interesting =)
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