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    Hello all
    I have been debating to get Automobilista for some time now and yesterday I saw the sale and jumped in with a full seasons pass ..... I am a well seasoned sim enthusiast (flight and racing) and so far I am enjoying it.
    Couple of quick questions
    • I am a TIR user and I am noticing that the range of view (yaw) is very limited to about 90deg left and right, is there a way to adjust this?
    • I was trying out one of the older F1 cars(think it was F1 classic?... or Retro?..or something like that ) and I was unable to accelerate beyond a few thousand RPM .... some kind of governor on the throttle, any suggestions on what I am missing to do to get these cars moving out on the track..... Other cars are working fine
    • I am using a G27 ..... is there anything I should know about getting it set-up and getting the most out of FFB ?
    • Are there any "must have" mods..?
    Thanks in advance for any advise
  2. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin
    The Mighty Forth/Speedymite Racing

    Having switched to triple screen it's a while since I've used TrackIR, but I believe that is your limit of 90 deg left and right.
    Getting higher revs, it sounds like you have the pit limiter on. Some cars have it some don't, so in a race you really have to be aware of the pit speed to prevent getting a penalty. Just look in control settings for the key to select the limiter. (Mine is mapped to my G25 wheel).
    As a base setting for your wheel, start with the usual standard settings in the profile of 900 Deg rotation, 100% force, the rest to zero. (I have centre spring at 10%).
    In game I have force between 80-100% and min. force the same depending on the car.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Wayne Whitmore

    Wayne Whitmore

    Ramano to increase TIR angle of view edit this line in the [playername] .plr file.

    Glance Angle="0.75000" // Angle to look left/right (yaw) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)

    Increase 0.75 to what ever amount you need mine is 1.25.
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  4. Romano1


    Thank you both for the help .... pit limiter was the problem, and the glance angle has fixed the TIR problem
    Looking forward to exploring more of this sim..... although it's been hard to drag me away from all the Porsches in AC as of late :)
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  5. schlitty


    Would this increase the 'look ahead' angle too?

    Edit: Nevermind I found what I was looking for (Lookahead Angle), thanks for pointing me towards that file though!
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