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Track Skins for Nürburgring 1965 and 1967

Tracks Track Skins for Nürburgring 1965 and 1967 1.1

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pepperoni ac24 submitted a new resource:

Track Skins for Nurburgring 1965 and 1967 - Track mod skin

You will find 2 differents skins for 2 differents tracks.

- 1 Skin for the nordschleife1965 (you can find it on the THR / Tarnhorn Racing website) with a Grass_fx file for CSP and CM users.

View attachment 471898

View attachment 471899

View attachment 471900

- 1 skin for the nurburgring1967, available here on RD.

View attachment 471901

View attachment 471902

Have fun with it...

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This is just a skin; a bunch of textures, and not a track. Why was it uploaded to the 'Tracks' section? :O_o:
Hi, for the moment we got:

-AC Skin for Car's skin (see the description). [ 12 000 mods, almost Car's skin, it fit well the description of the category]
-AC Track for Track's mod (and this is a modification for a track, so AC Track could be Track or Skin for Track, both are Track mod) [ 1 000 mods, 99% of track and some skins for track from deltafox, blackcelica, sacha, one guy from automobilista i don't remind his name and me)

With another guy we have open a request to split the AC Skin in:

-AC Car's Skin [ 12 000 mods ]
-AC Track's Skin [ less than 100 mods perhaps ]

So it would be easier to find the mod you are searching.

Sorry for my bad english, have a good day and thanks a lot for all the track you made and the ones to come, I really enjoy them and have a lot of fun on them :)
For those who've tried both tracks, what's your appreciation of both? Is one straight up better than the other, or is there a reason to use both?